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My name is Sarah. I’m a twenty year old girl. I’m absolutely in love with writing and reading YA (young adult) books. This blog is just somewhere I can write about writing and fangirl about all the books I’ve read/what to read. It’s what I really love. 

I’m not published or agented (though I can dream). My blog is just something to keep track of my journey, so I can look back ten years from now (whether I’m published or not) and remember that I had the courage to put myself out there. Everything I write about is my own opinion (and I can be wrong since I’m human and all). 

I would love to meet other YA writers and readers so if you have some time, you should comment on one of my posts. Or if you’re shy like me, go ahead and email me (ashinourminds@gmail.com). This blog covers topics with writing and reading, but I’m hoping to meet great people and create lasting friendships. 

If you want to know more about me and don’t mind reading a post or two: 

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