Thursday, January 1, 2015

Resolutions for 2015

Good news, I’m back from Costa Rica!

2nd piece of good news: 2015 is here (Yay!!!!) and I’ve never been so happy to write my resolutions (not that I’ve ever written them down before—they were always just abstract ideas I would think I could do in the year) But this is different. I am determined to make 2015 my best year ever. I realize everyone says this and I’m probably just fooling myself, but I really do want 2015 to be a better year for me. 

So my goals for 2015 are broken into five categories: School, Physical, Writing, Blog, Misc. 

- Try not to stress out too much since it’s my last semester (continuous)
- Do my best and study as little as possible to keep a decent GPA—this makes me sound like a horrible student, I swear I’m not that bad (Continuous) 

- Run at least once a week (continuous) 
- Run a 5k by the end of August

- Finish Draft Naught of GUARDIANS by January 31st 
- Finish revisions for THE LOY by the end of February (this is really really ambitious, so at least the first draft revisions) 
- Send out queries to agents by the March 31st (if THE LOY is ready, etc.) If it’s not ready, try to send out queries by April 30th
- Worldbuild for PALM READER by February 14th
- Write first draft for PALM READER by April 30th
- Draft/Brainstorm/Outline a new novel with Korean Mythology at the forefront, possibly a retelling by April 30th 
- Make an active attempt to find a Critique Partner/Beta Reader by the end of March 

-  Make my blog “fancier” by updating all the pages I have with “Coming soon” the January 20th
- Work on the menu bar for my blog by January 31st
- Get over my fear of cameras and take a photo to put up by January 31st
- Update my blog no matter how many readers I do or don’t have at least twice a week (continuous)
- Comment and meet other writers/bloggers (continuous) 

- Read as much as I can, but at least 75 books in the year of 2015 (100 books would be better) (continuous) 

I’m definitely printing this list out and taping it to the wall above my desk. I’ll also most likely add to it as time goes by just because I know forgot things. I always do. 

What do you think about the concept of resolutions? Is it better to lie to yourself and have concrete goals, or is it better to just take on the new year as it comes? 

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